Mission Statement

Our goal is to improve healthcare with the development of open, sustainable and reliable software.
We aim to provide transparent, affordable and fair products, education and research.

Our Service cores

We support and collaborate with healthcare providers, developing software based on the latest technologies, which is affordable, and accessible for patients around the world.

With our customers for the patients.

Custom Software Development

Depending on your requirements, we deliver solutions tailored to your specific business needs and goals.

Consulting & Training

We provide training for various medical technologies with a focus on signal acquisition, processing, visualization and medical software development according to IEC 62304. Need some help optimizing your workflows and strategies? -- Lets have a chat!

Support & Maintenance

We support you cybersecure your  medical devices, set up your continuous integration and deployment, develop testing strategies or transfer your development pipeline to the cloud. Further, we help out on your way to digitalization and optimization of your medical workflows to provide your patients with real-time on-demand medical care delivery.

Research & Data Science

Human-centered research and development: Together with our customers, we aim to invent new medical software technologies for the benefit of patients. We improve your decision-making strategies with modeling, the latest AI technologies, and data visualization. Enabling you to predict treatment results and patient effects.

Open Source Projects

We believe in open source as it promotes quality of code through its transparency while allowing us to interact with a community and leverage synergies that prevent reinventing the wheel.

Medical Practice Automation

From initialization to deployment - We will optimize workflows within your organization and enhance diagnostics and clinical trials by connecting medical devices.

What is research but a blind date
with knowledge?

Will Harvey

Billion U.S. dollar investments in big data within the healthcare industry
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ScanHub combines multimodal data acquisition and complex data processing in one IT platform. ScanHub allows for customizable, modular, cloud-based processing for anatomical and functional medical imaging.

The Team

At BRAIN-LINK, our developers are specialists in the field of medical software technologies. We are proud to be pioneers in the digital transformation of the medical sector, and we firmly believe that a combination of innovation, performance, and security is key to success.

With a diverse range of expertise in software development and project management, we are well equipped to provide comprehensive solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements. Our team approaches each project with a sharp, humble, and polite approach, always striving to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

David Schote

David Schote is a medical engineer with a solid foundation in medical imaging. Through his research experiences at esteemed institutions in Magdeburg, Boston, and Berlin, he has gained valuable expertise in areas such as signal acquisition, signal processing, image reconstruction, and machine learning. David is committed to advancing the medical technology sector through his efforts to provide open-access solutions. He approaches his work with a humble and dedicated spirit, always striving to make a positive impact. By working with David, you can benefit from his expertise and dedication to improving access to healthcare.

Christoph Dinh

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Dinh studied Biomedical Engineering in Ilmenau, Boston and Magdeburg focusing on machine learning, neuroscience, real-time signal processing and software architecture. His passion lies in translational research, and he is dedicated to bridging the gap between the latest technology and its practical application in clinical settings. By collaborating with him, you can be assured of innovative solutions and commitment to advancing the field of biomedical engineering.

Johannes Behrens

Johannes Behrens is a computer scientist who specializes in implementing state-of-the-art network technology. With his expertise, he can help you enhance the security of your products to meet the highest industry standards. His exceptional problem-solving abilities allow him to deliver smart, secure, and efficient solutions that will benefit your business.

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